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Deploy digital campaigns in-store and online, intelligently save energy, time and money.

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Why use our intelligent cross-marketing platform?

Improved Sales and Engagement

Track and manage your full customer experience to engage people with perfectly timed dynamic content tailored to their awareness and language. Deploy multiple experiences and connect the user journey together.

Faster time to market

Set up a campaign through our marketplace in minutes, not days. Easily choose which devices to deploy to, and ensure reliability and auto-updates. Robust updating and metrics recording, instant notifications when there’s an issue, not months later.

Realtime opportunities and savings

Get instant metrics, and use our AI heatmap platform to understand how and where sales come from and the perfect time to strike to close a sale. Combine with our ESG energy monitoring system to maximise profits.

Harness your digital and physical marketing to the next level with our intelligent, revolutionary tools.

Robust Marketplace

Pick from a range of premium prebuilt experiences for different use cases, customise in minutes, and deploy to your devices with your multi-language campaign. Or build custom experiences.

Reliable Devices

Rent, buy or bring your own device. Easily deploy campaigns with our always-on infrastructure. Wifi and 4G fallback ensure no metrics or downtime.

Energy Savings

Integrate our lightweight ESG sensors to track your energy and carbon costs. Get real-time metrics on carbon and total costs per customer, per room and per store.

Intelligent Heatmaps

See exactly how your customers interact with your stores/brand: view trends, customer characteristics and miss-sales opportunities. Get the full picture of your business and how to increase sales.


An end-to-end solution to fast-track your marketing game


Create, schedule, and manage premium digital experiences through our platform for SEO marketing and in-store campaigns. Use our simple CMS editor to build, publish and deploy experiences easily.


Launch to market across multiple channels quickly. Deploy dynamic, engaging content which auto-translates into different markets included out of the box. Get real-time results, zero downtime and update experiences and content with a click.


Plug and play with our built-in hardware. Seamlessly integrate touch screens, digital signage, immersive experiences and building management systems. The ecosystem automatically combines together to build and track connected customer journeys.

Interactive experiences

We’ve spent years perfecting the most engaging experiences for customers in many industries. Tailor experiences easily to your customer’s needs and automatically reach out to the perfect sales opportunities to maximise sales.

Track and Improve efficiencies

Track employees, stock and energy usage. Deploy resources at the perfect time to maximise efficiencies and improve profits. Our real-time heatmap AI system informs staff of where to be and when and provides smart energy savings when devices/areas are not in use.

Industries we support

Corporate industry


Deploy engaging and interactive experiences for receptions, offices and way-finding to increase business effectiveness. Ensure real-time information is available to the people who need it the most and adapt quickly.

Retail industry


Track and engage with potential customers, share product information, reviews and videos based on their awareness. Drive sales and showcase promotions at the perfect time. Get the full picture of your customers and products.

Education industry


Create interactive experiences for students, staff and guests, such as class bookings, education courses, timetable management, directions and notice boards. Inspire people to do good and track engagement.

Building Management Systems industry

Building Management Systems

Track carbon emissions and energy usage/costs and see where these are being used. Intelligent and automatically adjust heating, water, device and lighting usage based on occupancy, season and expected demand.

Hotels industry


Automatic check-in system, dining menus and booking, spa videos and explanation experiences, customer requests management and occupancy tracking. Increase front-of-house activity and additional upsells without extra staff.

Advertising industry


Use SEO and physical marketing combined to add additional revenue streams, engage with customers, and boost sales through interactive experiences with real-time, in-depth customer details.

Office Management industry

Office Management

Track occupancy, desk management, security policies, KPI visibility and see how building improvements mean happier and more effective employees.

eCommerce and shops industry

eCommerce and shops

Maximise sales on one platform through a centralised ordering, stock and fulfilment platform. Allow people to book orders in advance, intelligent stock reordering and automatic in-store and online upselling.

Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes industry

Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes

Order at table, automatic reservations, occupancy tracking, stock management and takeaway collections are all available under one roof. See exactly where table usage is falling short and click to increase efficiency easily.

Our growing list of marketplace experiences

Digital Signage

Display media on screens via playlists throughout the day.

Product Discovery

Interactive experiences tailored to user awareness.

QRs / RFID / Links

System to track and manage physical links to digital.


Backend system for clients to manage orders, stock, shipping.

Merlin Pay

Customisable system to collect payments from multiple avenues.


Online store - uses “Store” and “Merlin Pay” to bring in digital sales.

Order at Table

QR-based ordering platform for restaurants/services.

POS system

Take orders and collect payment either on kiosk or via mobile.


Collect user-generated content to display in stores.

Knowledge Base

Physical/digital support experience with articles + smart search system.

Live Chat / Feedback

Speak to a team member in real time or leave feedback.


Track heatmaps, footfall, headcount in real time around your store.


Allow shoppers to customise your products easily and instantly.

3D Experiences

Utilise WebGL to display stunning 3D interactive experiences.

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Real world success stories

Mission Cafe industry

Mission Cafe

Customer Engagement

Order at table, order in advance and simple stock management.

Oxford Innovation industry

Oxford Innovation

Office Engagement

Track energy efficiency per building and per person, intelligently reduce costs.

Ministry of Defence industry

Ministry of Defence


Track learner capacity and encourage engagement and completion of courses.

Samsung industry


Data tracking and digital signage

Data funneling and intelligent customer monitoring

Universities industry



Way-finding with room booking, capacity management and digital marketing.

Arma Karma industry

Arma Karma

Data tracking and digital signage

Digital marketing campaigns and digital KPI signage.

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